A Statement For Review

I have recently written a statement about my current practice for information purposes. I tried to make it succinct yet informative. I spent sometime trying to use reasonably clear English, but at the same time it is an intellectual assessment on one level, so I can’t use language for seven year olds. But someone whose views I usually respect can’t make head or tail of it, and doesn’t think it entices anyone to want to get to know my work further. EEk. This is not want I want to hear. So for one day only, the rest of the world gets a chance to comment in turn on my current statement. I will listen and reflect, and have no doubt that it will be informative and productive, whatever anyone has to say!

artist's statement

artist's statement: what does it say to you?


One response to A Statement For Review

  1. Gillian, I am surprised to see no comments yet – thought there would be a flood of responses. I do not find your statement hard to understand and as far as not wanting to investigate more about you – I clicked on the link to your website to see more and found myself back at your statement!

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