Knickerbocker Shake #hometourist

I do admire a good idea done well, even if the product is not my sort of thing and goes against every healthy eating principle in the book.

I live in a lively part of North Leeds with some excellent shopping parades harbouring some great eateries. Something new seems to pop up most months, and the latest arrival over the summer in Oakwood is a milk shake emporium with a hundred million flavours based on every sort of chocolate bar imaginable:- and on plenty of other sweet treats. It’s called Knickerbocker Shake, and if I weren’t on my mobile I’d make it a link for all local readers.

There’s generally a crowd of kids and dads buzzing around at the weekend, and it’s clearly set to be a popular hangout for 12 year olds. I know I’d have loved the place in those far-back days of innocence when carbs were called starches.

Today I went inside to have a closer look and to meet my older daughters there. I was taken not just by the extensive choice of shakes and smoothies, but also by the decor and styling of the interior. I had expected something plasticky and naff. Much to my surprise it was styled in a candy-stripe pinky colour with retro signage and beautifully set out shelves with the most artistic display of cheap traditional brands of sweets I could have imagined. I thought it all worked delightfully, and commented on as much to my daughters. They gave me the odd sort of look they specialise in and reserve for embarrassingly pointless parental pronouncements.

Maybe you have to have been a teenager from the seventies in a Britain without coffee shops and milk bars to appreciate all the hangout places for under-18s these days without alcohol snapping in the background.

But there’s always the carb police to complain, I suppose.


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