Hidden Public Art

I am always pleased to stumble upon art in odd places, and this morning was no exception.

I was meandering along a path I discovered a few months ago between Wyke Beck and the Easterly Road, but approaching it from the opposite direction to my normal route. At one point behind some flats, the path seemed to peter out, and I wanted to try and find a way through avoiding the main road.

As I peered through a bank of trees, I spotted a pile of metal. When I drew closer, though, I saw it was a metal sculpture of an insect.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Hidden from
any casual passer-by, I wondered if a local resident had constructed it and just decided to place it on this isolated patch of grass for the benefit of any nearby resident looking through their back windows.

It was a nicely formed piece of work. Little mosaic panels added decoration to the ‘body’ and it looked very much at home in its grassy environment.

I wasn’t even sure at that point whether I was on public land. But it was quirky enough to make my morning.


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