A Small Town Uncovered


An unexpected bonus from the trail of repairers to the house over the last 48 hours is the discovery of an entire little town living in my microwave.

Some of the little people living there did not survive the tsunami encroaching from the coffee machine above, and in fact the whole place was evacuated in its entirety and replaced by new inhabitants complete with their own homes.

The original settlement is now living on a kitchen top. I have photographed them for posterity. I am full of admiration for their urban architecture and unique ambiance. Doesn’t it look an appealing place to live?


2 responses to A Small Town Uncovered

  1. When I starting training in electronics, the biggest disappointment to me was the complete lack of Star Trek like flashes, lights, beeps and little moving bits. This has coloured my opinion of my chosen career ever since. The only way to get sparks and interesting things happening is to poke it with a screwdriver. A practice I still use today to make things bright on a slow day. Of course this has on occasion led to melted screwdrivers and bigger than average flashes, but hey, isn’t that what exploring a new town is all about?


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