Reverse Views

I have recently been working on a community art project involving the embellishment and decoration of small squares of painted material.

In order to allow maximum participation from amongst even those with limited sewing skills, I have dictated the colours of the threads to be used, but I am very relaxed then about the standard of needlework achieved. Long experience of these projects has taught me that with colour control and strong editorial composition at the end, great results can be obtained.

But sometimes there are interesting results in unexpected ways. Today I picked up a worked piece and felt a few loose threads on the back. I turned it over to check nothing was coming apart, and was delighted to see the tangled mass of colour and texture at the back was every bit as beautiful as the textured decoration of the front.

There was just something about the ratty tails, the mismatched unevenness, which was a delight to behold.

It always pays to look at things differently!


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