Three Creative Apps

Bored with organizing life and responding efficiently to correspondence and tidying and sorting and hanging around for repair men (although today was just the roofer for the crumbling chimney breast), I have been tapping into the app store this week. And have consequently been much amused by three new photography apps which are worth mentioning.


Slow Shutter is a fun way of blurring subjects. I’ve already used it for #adailyselfreflection but it’s equally good for weird still life effects. That’s just my excuse for staying seated and waving the phone in front of George Clooney on the TV.


Picture Show doesn’t do anything that a mix of other apps can’t do, but I rather liked the colour and border effects it produces.


Half Tone has the most fun possibilities I think. I’ve been wanting a decent comic app with a range of good text boxes for a while, and this hits the spot. I have amused myself with a range of entirely pointless images to explore its range, and now need to spend time I now don’t have clearing and sorting my photo gallery.

Worth it though!


3 responses to Three Creative Apps

  1. Hi Gillian, thanks for sharing this! They are great apps and inspired me at the right moment. I wrote something on my blog referring to this post of yours, but somehow I can’t get the link to work. So I thought I’d let you know here….
    I’m reading your other posts too – about de-cluttering your home… I will be doing exactly the same thing in a couple of weeks, after the deadline of two shows of my paintings. I like reading about how you make the combination work-household, a lot rings a bell…

    • gillianholding – Author

      Thanks for getting in touch, katerina! I’m glad the blogs jibe with your experiences. I will take a look at your blog and see what you do!

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