Natural Healthy Food


I love nothing more than a good daily dose of absurdity.

Some of the more pathetic absurdities of the 21st century are the over-abundance of food in the West, and lack of food in developing countries; the obesity epidemic in developed countries and thousands of children starving to death in Africa; the obsessions with ‘healthy’ natural foods but a megalithic manufactured food industry producing brightly packaged foodstuffs containing unpronounceable and unrecognisable ingredients.

Today I happened to enter a Holland and Barratt store, following my husband in search of some vitamins. I noticed a shelf display area packed with lentils, seeds and nuts. The sort of stuff you might expect to see in a health food shop.

By the time my eyes had completed a circuit of the shop, they landed on a shelf display area packed with huge containers of manufactured powders. It looked like a storage facility for a chemical industrial complex. I supposed they needed the large barrels for packaging to make space for the huge ingredients labels. I did wonder whether I would describe any of this as truly ‘healthy’.

From simple nuts to complex invented manufactured nutritional foodstuffs: the extensive range of a ‘health food’ shop. Funnily enough, I didn’t feel terribly tempted to buy any of it. Despite all the colourful packaging, I’m more of a sucker for displays of fish, meat and green vegetables.


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