Purposeless Procrastinating


It’s been a while since I took up the Daily Post’s suggestion du jour, but when I spotted today’s email, I could not resist tackling the subject of my favourite way to procrastinate.

Where to begin? Some days work serves to prevent me getting near the laundry. Other days, the laundry is the siren call which stops me getting on with work. Sometimes I think I procrastinate just for the hell of procrastinating. I can do it (or rather, not do it) so why shouldn’t I? A few weeks ago I wrote about my husband taking an entirely different approach to life. His mantra is “Do it now” and whilst this needles the anti-authoritarian lurking within me, I have to admit to something of an epiphany on the topic just recently.

I began to notice (after only 21 years of marriage) that he always knows where his car keys are. I am jealous of this, because I can’t leave the house some days without a search and rescue mission to find mine. One day it looked like I wasn’t going anywhere at all. I was saved by discovering the spare key I never knew existed.

I realised that the issue of key control is significant. A window on the organisational habits of the individual. He knows where his keys are because he is not a procrastinator. I can’t scientifically explain the link, but I know this to be true. Somehow. And to be in control of my keys somehow involves me being less of a procrastinator. Somehow.

In fact, just recently I am aware that I am no longer proud of my messy disorganised chaotic approach to life as being a symbol of my inherent creativity. I am, to put it bluntly, fed up with my lack of control over laundry, food, petrol, mail and dust. I tried to institute a strict routine at the start of 2011 as a means of getting my life in order, but have failed miserably in everything except my daily posts. Hmmmm. Yes, I’ve achieved a lot work wise, but we have a Spanish Exchange student arriving on Wednesday and the mountain of dirty clothes in the bathroom and the pile of boxes for the attic blocking the landing are not going to clear themselves. And I will have to fit 5 children into three bedrooms because one room is so literally in a state of impenetrable chaos pending the arrival of new bedroom furniture that it is unusable.

Regular readers will have noticed my daily post happening rather later in the day than for the first eight months of the year. This is because since my holiday, I have tried to institute a new daily routine which I hope will lead me away from procrastination and towards calm, productive organisation. I am trying to FLY. Yes, despite my snorts and chortles over the whole idea of someone telling me when and how to declutter, I am opening and reading the Flylady’s emails every day, after my morning pages and before the dog walk. I am flinging 27 items every other day, and setting timers for seven minutes every now and again to tackle nasty corners of mess. I have been keeping on top of snail mail, and expect to face up to emails soon.

In short, I have procrastinated less in the last fortnight than I have done for years.

Is this really the beginning of the new me?


3 responses to Purposeless Procrastinating

  1. You need to sit somewhere quiet with a glass of wine, and wonder why there are two distinct sorts of people. Those whose keys are to hand, and those who will find three other things in the search for the keys. I am by the way in the latter category. If my wife left things where they were I might be able to find them. This does not seem to hold any water for her though, as she feels the living room and any available surface is not my office. Works for me though. 🙂


  2. We have a key rack near the door that leads to the car. I hang my car keys there, or put them in my purse. I can always find my keys. My husband puts the car key anywhere but there. He is always looking for his keys. He is a procrastinator. I am not.
    I think your procrastinator theory is accurate..

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