The Relativism Of Domestic Trivia


I have been so caught up in the minutiae of household clearance, I felt I had forgotten how to draw. I was reminded by something this evening of how much time I was spending drawing on my mobile devices this time last year. So for a change today, I spent two minutes sketching Middle Daughter engrossed in homework.

It was a lovely feeling to just sit and draw for no purpose whatsoever. I am diarising a week more on this de-cluttering mania, and then I am back to the studio.

But this evening, I was further reminded of how my mind has contracted in recent months of holidaying and domestic trivia. The homework in question was about absolutism and relativism. Since my son (reading philosophy and economics) is still knocking around at home this week, we had a somewhat rarified discussion over the evening meal. I was in confrontation with two unapologetic absolutists. I remembered the post I had written back in May on The Perils of Relativism? back in the days when I dwelt on such topics.

There is a dangerously seductive aspect to decluttering. It is a clearcut procedure, with identifiable and complete outcomes. Unlike making art. The sooner I complete the basic targets I have set myself, the better. Otherwise I may never rise out of the sea of trivia.


3 responses to The Relativism Of Domestic Trivia

  1. mrsminiversion

    Teens and young adults being absolutist? never 🙂 <- tongue in cheek emoticon!

  2. I sketch things in my notebook, the same one I use for writing my poetry notes. When I look back I wonder which spider crawled across the page. I keep doing it because I enjoy it and it does remind me of places I have been. And sometimes part of what I am writing is part of the drawing. I just wish I was better. Anyway, not much to do with your post but a nice sketch, I admire anyone who can with brevity produce a picture.


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