Vicious and Virtuous Circles

Does anyone else find their lives see-sawing between descending vicious circles and inspiring virtuous ones?

Over the years I’ve noticed this happening on a number of fronts.

One of the worst is the nutritionally deprived vicious circle: descending into a helterskelter of snacking, not enough water, too much sugar. It’s a hard one to start climbing up out of.

Then there’s the diminishing exercise cycle. After building up to fitness levels where a 5k run is a merry outing fir fun, some lurgy strikes and renders you incapable of even walking anywhere. The descent into ploddy lethargy has started.

I’m better at keeping creativity moving in an upwards spiral. Maybe it’s because I never give it a chance to slip away. Experience and common sense motivate me to keep refilling the well of ideas, and creativity breeds creativity effortlessly.

And so to domestic spirals. My sterling efforts of the past few weeks have brought me to that magical unheard of point (for me) of a virtuous circle of order and cleanliness. The more tidied my surroundings become, the more I find myself tidying. The more space I can see, the more I want to clean it. When you find yourself cleaning the washing machine, you know you are on a different domestic planet.

Can it last? I feel like a juggler with all plates in the air at present. On all fronts, I am on an upward spiral, and it’s a while since this has been the case. But somehow I feel the positive reversal of the domestic circle is potentially a very powerful basis for maintaining the virtuous circles for everything else.

One can but hope.


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