The Colour Of Autumn?


Today’s Daily Post weekly photo challenge suggested the Fall as the topic of the day. Being on the ball with transatlantic-speak, I did not for an instant think they were on about the Roman Empire, Charles I, Napoleon, or the the Berlin Wall. If nothing else, being on WordPress has given me a curiously Anglo-American slant to the day, and not least because most of the time I cannot be bothered to correct the Americanised auto-correct on Apple devices.

But I did wonder about whether autumn appears earlier on the North Eastern seaboard? Because it’s certainly not that evident here yet.

There were worrying indications of premature leaf drop mid-summer, but most trees have in fact hung on to their green leaves throughout September. Some leaves are on the turn, but to talk about the glory of autumnal colour in Leeds here and now is pushing it a bit. The Japanese Maple in the back garden has a hint of yellow, but that’s about it.

So the above photo is the one tree I found close by in the neighbourhood doing a sort-of autumn show. Not that impressive, really. I will have to surf a bit to see how real autumn is looking elsewhere.

And when there’s a teensy bit more of it here, I’ll take some serious arty photos.


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