Painting And Painting


At Last! WordPress has updated the app to allow all sorts of exciting things when posting from a mobile. I can now do italics and even put things in bold and best of all I can do links to the rest of cyberspace. Of course, I realise I could do all this before if I’d been inclined to mess around with html, but since I’m invariably only on the phone because of lack of time to square up to the laptop, I’m not going to mess with prehistoric methods.

Regretfully though this evening, I cannot take full advantage of the update benefits. I wanted to announce nothing more than my magnificent achievement of yesterday: namely an entire day spent painting.

No doubt you’ll be wondering why a painter thinks a day of painting is an achievement. Well, it’s all to do with the paint and the surface. A large can of estate emulsion and four bedroom walls in this case. Quite possibly the crowning glory of the Serious September Sort.

Backtracking three weeks, one of the black clouds hovering on the domestic front was Youngest Daughter’s dumpzone hovel of a room. With a big furniture delivery imminent, the clearing sort of had to happen, but to be at the point of having decorated prior to delivery puts me at the pinnacle of motherly care and devotion. Noone is more surprised than me that I have accomplished all goals with a few days still to spare.

But the real surprise was that I had expected the delivery today. When I arose bright and early to await the van, I got around to checking the diary. Oops. Not due till Friday. Only three days out then. Clearly, old habits die hard.


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