The Natural Order Of The Day


Today is the last day of September. It was accordingly the last day specifically planned to be devoted to all things domestic. As from Monday, I am committed to a return to the studio.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I ought to be desperate to get back in there, but I have rather enjoyed this time of household challenge and seeing real results. I know that next week will not be so easy in the sense that seeing ‘results’ will not happen. I will be exploring and falling much more.

But more than the frustration of seeking results in the making of art is the underlying concern of how to maintain this harmonious domestic equilibrium. To allow my efforts of the last few weeks to founder in an unplanned revisiting of chaos is very unappealing.

To avoid chaos, I have to maintain certain routines which have not yet secured the status of ‘habit’, and it will interesting to see how this all develops.

But I have at least had one major insight. The best way of establishing the routines on a long term basis is to allow them to seed organically. I can’t impose from without; there has to be a natural flow to the mornings and it is this natural order I think I am still seeking.

Getting up and dressed, writing morning pages, breakfasting, exercising the dog, checking the calendar, to do list and emails all taken a certain non negotiable amount of time, and all need doing first thing rather than later for fairly obvious reasons. Note that the daily blog does not feature in this list. The last few weeks have shown all too clearly that writing a post is not a natural part of the morning order for me. It fits much more easily at the end of the day, and since I am out of synch now with setting posts on the automatic timer, I’m having to post rather later in the day than I would like.

Anyway, the outcome of all this ‘natural flow’ thinking is that by the time I have done all my morning essentials I may be hitting the afternoon by the time I pick up a piece of charcoal.

I’m not sure I like that. I enjoy an early start in the studio, because in the past I’ve had to finish up early to shop and cook. Even if I’m not riveted by the question of when shopping and cooking will happen, the rest of the household are.

So where will it all lead? What sort of new routines will be established next week. It’s not straightforward, is it? The only way forward is to follow instinct and see where it goes.

At least that’s right up my street.


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