October Blue Skies


Sitting outside in this glorious sunshine today with Middle Daughter, I began rambling on about my return to the studio, and what I was most looking forward to. The more I rambled, the more ideas started to form. I began to think out loud the various events already in my calendar over the next 12 months, and how if I thought about it all too much, it was almost overwhelming, and I hadn’t even started yet.

Then in a flash of blue sky thinking mirroring the blue sky above me, and with the benefit of a few pertinent comments and observations from my patient daughter, I realised that of course I had begun. All projects and commitments are interrelated and linked. Everything I do is in some way connected to everything else. Suddenly I felt inspired by possibilities. I suddenly had a very clear vision of where and how I could begin on Monday morning. The kernel of an idea which had been slowly emerging in the back of my mind over the summer months suddenly took shape and form. In the course of 10 minutes I felt I had taken something of a giant leap with work, even if only in my head.

I do love sunny days. I feel I could be so much more productive during October if I could bask in sunshine for a few more hours each day.


One response to October Blue Skies

  1. Sunshine makes so much difference to our mindset. We’re just not used to it in England, it confuses us.

    Good luck with it all, our plans are to be moved into the living room by next week. So we can have our bedroom back from everything stuffed into it. Renovation is always an adventure.


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