Hydrangea Glory


I’m a great fan of hydrangeas. I love their OTT appearance, the way they dominate a shrubbery for months on end with strong summer colour mellowing to delicious rusts in autumn and finally the fragile skeletal transparency of deepest winter.

With nature’s odd timing of the seasons this year, nothing seems to have flowered and fruited as expected. The July blackberries and apples were a bit of a shock, so it was no surprise to see the hydrangeas strutting their stuff rather early, and I’ve enjoyed seeing so much of them. Now of course the early blooms are in their autumn glory, but there are still a lot of late summer flower heads looking vibrant.

My only disappointment over the years has been the failure of our slightly acidic garden soil to encourage blue blooms. Because I love blue hydrangeas even more than pink. So imagine my surprise this year to find a couple of distinctly blue mops on an otherwise fairly solid pink bush. I cannot imagine how it’s happened, but I’m quite thrilled.

In recording this bit of excitement for posterity, I was intrigued to see generally the range of colours and textures of the flowers on these two neighbouring bushes in the image above. I think we’re in for a magnificent autumnal show.



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