Pratfall! (Twice)

Pratfall 1 (9.15am)


Where? Roundhay Park

How? Descending slippy muddy grassy steep slope
Pratfactor? 10+. A spectacular sliding descent for a good couple of yards

Additional embarrassment? Wearing smart dress unsuitable for dog walking and walked home caked in mud from top to toe

Pratfall 2 (8.30pm)


Where? School assembly hall

How? Charging up a step to recover a lost car key

Pratfactor? 11+. A spectacular vertical take-off going up a staircase

Additional embarrassment? Already looking foolish and disorganised for having lost the car key and needing to have the hall unlocked especially for me

Silver lining? 1. The assembly hall just 30 minutes earlier had been filled with 300 parents 2. Balanced up the bruising received earlier in the day


4 responses to Pratfall! (Twice)

  1. Thanks for giving me a late evening laugh! I have these kinds of days too sometimes, including additional embarrassments…
    Hope your bruising is soon gone!
    (sometimes it does have wonderful colors though)

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