New Specs Day


A very exciting day today indeed. It was New Specs Day. Not just new frames or a new prescription, but the joy of donning a pair of ‘enhanced’ reading glasses. For the first time in maybe a decade I can again read piano music and use a desktop computer.

I cant imagine why I didn’t try and resolve it earlier. I’ve been struggling with so many middle distance viewing challenges in recent years, but never mentioned it to the optician. Maybe it’s because I had tried varifocals years ago with no success at all, and having a third pair just for playing the piano seemed excessively silly. I already had a pair for reading (hyperopic left eye) and a pair for driving (myopic right eye) and was struggling to keep track of either most days. It was a rare moment indeed when I could lay my hands on both pairs at the same time without a farcical search around the house, handbag and car.

So imagine my delight when I heard about these ‘enhanced’ lenses which allow me to focus at a normal reading distance AND at piano music stand/computer/recipes/museum labels distance.

It should also make it easier to paint. I once did a whole series of work using just my reading glasses. One day I walked into the studio with my driving glasses on and nearly fainted in horror at the sight of my work in clear definition. All the soft edges when viewed clearly at a distance had no softness whatsoever, and I was forced to rework the whole lot.

Some things in this world are still better viewed slightly blurred. My own reflection is one. My excitement at being able to play music once again this evening has been tempered somewhat by the new prescription for my driving glasses ageing my face by at least a decade, and adding a couple of stones at least to a body which requires no additional weight whatsoever.

Luckily Camera Bag in the photo above showing off my new optical aid has nicely flattened the face to get rid of lines far more effectively than any cosmetic cream, and an artful pose filling the lens with my face nicely removes all surplus weight.



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