Meandering Thoughts, Meandering Paths

It is commonly observed that most people on a day out somewhere scenic tend to park the car and then remain within 50 yards of the parked car. It’s certainly true in our local park on a sunny day that there tend to be massive crowds in and around the car park, and not a great deal of action elsewhere.

So for a lot of people, just arriving is enough. Then there are the ones who go for a walk on the equivalent of the motorway through the park. Less crowded than the car park environs, but still a steady stream of visitors. The motorway paths are used by regulars as well of course, but regulars also divert off onto the lesser known pathways criss-crossing the extensive woods and grassy areas.

I use the motorways and smaller paths most days. But this week I’ve been doing something a bit different. I posted the other day about bringing different walking worlds together in a single ramble. I suppose I could have done this using the paths, but I didn’t. Instead I’ve been ploughing across the fields and woods in a straight line to get to the next point in my head.

It struck me yesterday that in some way this is significant. I am “off the beaten path”, “treading new ground”, “breaking boundaries” and all the rest of it. It is a fascinating metaphor for current changes in my life, as I move from being a procrastinator to one whose mantra has become “Do it now”. This is having positive consequences in all aspects of daily life, including the household, work, and health and wellbeing. As I stride out up hill and down dale, there is a feeling of optimism and positivity and eagerness to see things afresh and meet new challenges.

Long may it last.






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