Magical Worlds

A few months or so ago I posted about my fantastical discovery of a little world contained within the circuitry board of a microwave oven. The board had been destroyed by an odd synchronicity of mistimed events, but provided me with much creative entertainment as I placed and photographed it all around the house and garden.

I was therefore thrilled to stumble upon (literally as it happens but fortunately avoiding so much as a grazed knee unlike in the pratfalls of the other week) a stunning circuitry board poking out from a broken TV which must have hit the pavement from a few floors above.

Whilst admiring the miniature world revealing itself before my eyes as I gazed and focussed upon its abstract qualities (this is very important: to see the little world it is essential to allow the gaze to relax and see beyond the electronic bits) I realised it would also serve as a subject for the WordPress Photo Theme of the Week; opportunity.

So here is opportunity. Lying abandoned on the pavement and tripping up the unwary. Another little world in miniature. Can you see it?


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