You know it’s school holidays when…


First day of the school holidays and my jaunt over the Channel meant that not only was I still unaware of the timing of clock changes but also half term holiday starting. I suppose that’s what having older children does for you. Freed from school pick ups and the concerns of childcare, it’s very easy to remain blissfully unaware of holiday times.

Luckily there are a few pointers around to help me. Having amassed bucketfuls of coppers around the house over the last year, I promised Youngest Daughter that if she sorted it in to polythene moneybags, she could keep the proceeds as additional pocket money. Promise in haste, repent at leisure. So far she has carefully counted out £45.

Second, there is a pile of carefully sorted family photos ready to go in to an album. A child after my own heart, Youngest Daughter has ensured that this eclectic pile of assorted snaps has been placed in perfect date order. The perfect task for the first day of the holiday.

Middle Daughter has however missed out on the pocket money bonanza. She’s spent the weekend with friends and is due back tomorrow. I will need to get the coin/paper exchange effected before her return to avoid the next set of holiday pointers. Squabbles.


One response to You know it’s school holidays when…

  1. Trauma on the horizon perhaps?

    Good luck with it all, makes me feel kind of nostalgic for all the he did, she did stuff.



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