You know it’s… (part 2)


I had a couple of great ideas for posts earlier today but I’ve now forgotten both of them. This leaves me little alternative but to update the world at large with the coin/paper exchange business.

As you may recall, I planned to effect the exchange before the return of Middle Daughter. This being a day for forgetting other things apart from blog ideas, I forgot.

As unbelievable bad luck would then have it, Middle Daughter announced on her return that today would be a good day to “sort all those coins in the bedroom”. On finding out much of the task had been accomplished, and on finding out further just what a lucrative haul it had been, all sorts of fierce negotiations then took place (luckily no bloodshed) involving including and dividing up all the remaining booty, ancient piggybanks and the results of excavations into numerous drawers around the house.

Negotiations were eventually peacefully concluded, and we have had a few hours of fruitful and intensive collaboration. I had no idea we had so many pennies in the house, and have been intrigued by the additional appearance of coins from all around the world.

I am pleased to report win-win for everyone concerned including some as yet unidentified charity.


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