Gratitude for Small Mercies

I was amused to receive this text communication yesterday. In fact, it made me laugh out loud. I could just picture that rush hour morning commuter underground train in all its horror and misery, and I felt nothing but happiness that I left it all behind many moons ago.

I think I don’t give enough weight in daily life to the things I don’t have to do any more. The sheer joy of being able to work for myself, when and how I choose, is something for which I should consciously be thankful every single day.

I rarely get into disputes with myself, and I have wonderful appraisals each year. I am always open to listening to any complaints I may have , and I’m
quick to take action when working conditions are not up to scratch. Best of all, apart from no commute at rush hour, I never get upset when I fancy a day off.


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