The Beauty of Mismatched China

I am always delighted to be able to patronise cosy and original independent cafés and restaurants. I’ve posted before about great little places in Leeds and much farther afield, but I don’t think I’ve previously written about the gloriously tiny-yet-perfect Sunshine Bakery in Chapel Allerton in Leeds.

It’s justly famous for pretty amazing cupcakes and brownies and startlingly original sausage roll and pasty fillings, but since I don’t tend to eat that sort of stuff these days, I have to rely on the reports of my children who love nothing better than a holiday lunch there.

Luckily it does great coffee and tea for me whilst I sit and watch them indulge, but there’s plenty more to interest me apart from the food on offer.

Quite simply, it’s pure aesthetic delight at every turn. Overlayered tablecloths and mats which would not be out of place in a Victorian parlour; knick-knacks crowded onto any available surface; nostalgic menu-boards; and best of all the mismatched china.

I can’t tire of the mismatched china. As each cup of tea or espresso is delivered to the table, I experience another visual feast. Everyone else is absorbed by the brownies whilst I am trying to decide which floral pattern I love the most. I am fascinated by the whole collection, and wonder how long it took to amass such lovely little pieces. I feel quite touched that they allow us customers to actually imbibe from such delicate pieces.

If you are in Leeds and haven’t visited already, do go. If you are some place distant, enjoy the photos.



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