Liberty and Demonstrations


On our way out this morning walking in the direction of the Place de la République, we gradually became aware that traffic was being restricted from driving in that direction, and there were an alarming number of riot police vans both parked and circulating like bees round a hive.

Pausing to wonder if we could walk our planned route, we narrowly missed being run over by a couple of speeding ambulances.

It didn’t take much then guess we were heading towards a large demonstration, and this was only confirmed as we began to hear what sounded like gunshots but given the pink smoke signals, was more likely to be fireworks.

A demo on the Place de la République with Marianne peering on down and encouragingly waving her right arm is always an exciting sight. Most Sundays some group somewhere has a beef with the powers-that-be and invades the Place to shout about their gripe. People travel from all over France to join in; it’s a heartwarming sight to see people feeling so passionately about so much in life so often. Demonstrations in England by comparison just don’t compare.

Today’s show however was just a leetle bit more scary than usual. The smoke and bangs terrified the girls so much we had to duck into the metro to seek refuge. We still don’t know what it was all about, but we feel all fired up now for bonfire night at home.


Respond to Liberty and Demonstrations

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