Small Coffee, Large Bill


In the midst of my third run to the shops today for last minute items needed to finish work for the Headingley Arts Trail this weekend, I was overwhelmed by a need to sit down somewhere to recover from my incompetent planning, and have a coffee.

Not a big coffee. Just a small espresso. A slightly larger glass of water, and despite their best efforts to try and force pastries, chocolate and sundries on me, my tray remained pretty empty.

Except, that is, for the mega-size receipt. The largest till receipt in the world? Certainly larger than my coffee. Virtually a newspaper, in fact, with the potential for keeping me entertained for somewhat longer than a sugar packet.

It contained a lot of information about what to do if you forget your loyalty card. All is not lost if you return and present the receipt-newspaper with the card within a few days. I was pleased for all loyalty card owners, although personally I have given up on loyalty cards since I began to acquire so many, I found myself needing a second wallet to transport them around with me.

I did worry for a little while about the trees, though. I felt I should find some use for such a large sheet of paper, but couldn’t think of anything riveting.

Can you?


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