Headingley Arts Trail

I have this evening delivered a batch of work for the Headingly Arts Trail being organised by the Bowery in Leeds this weekend. There is always a sense of relief in finally making delivery of the pieces even if you have forgotten the labels, the delivery note, the emergency hanging kit, the artist’s information cards and a display copy of the book you are planning to promote, with accompanying publicity material.

No matter. A week of running around like a maddened wasp is drawing to a close and I reflect once again on how a disproportionately large amount of time is invariably required in the assembly, mounting, presentation, framing and general messing about prior to any sort of show.

Producing work is usually fun, fun, fun and once you are in the zone/groove/mode, is a fast moving and invigorating experience that seems to take very little time. Over the years I have produced work on all sorts of media, but I have never found a satisfactory short cut through the manic-week-before period. The medium is irrelevant. Every show, anywhere, anytime, becomes a massive time-consuming exercise for pretty much everyone involved.

It’s a good job it’s (usually) all worth it.


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