Corporate Hospitality on the Streets


There’s money to be had in most stuff. At least, so it would seem strolling through the city centre. My attention was caught this lunchtime by a banner draped across the front of a building, offering corporate receptions, networking opportunities and canapés and wine.

I slid to a halt. Not that I was particularly interested in attending a networking opportunity or stuffing myself with canapés and wine. But I wondered what this apparently open invitation was all about? Was it really an offer to passers-by to come in and get plastered? How could you be sure that the people similarly tempted would be useful networking contacts in any event? And even if they were, would anyone care once they were all inebriated?

I became quite excited at this new way of developing business contacts. Drop in and get drunk. But what was in it for the hosts? Who, indeed, were the hosts?

Eventually I worked out that it wasn’t an invitation, but an advert. Not an original concept at all, but simply an advert for hospitality facilities. Quite boring really. Except it turned out the host/provider was a well-known pizza chain. I was immediately taken by the vision of the “canapés” being handed around to a bunch of suits. Clearly corporate hospitality has changed a bit in the decade since I last had to participate.


2 responses to Corporate Hospitality on the Streets

  1. Indeed corporate catering has changed in the last decade. I am a contract chef and do a lot of corporate catering work and it is all in house now. The biggest companies have excellent kitchens staffed with sizable brigades and do great food. The poor restaurateur who is hoping to keep the wolves from the door with second rate canape functions is probably going to get eaten by them instead.

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