I haven’t done the WordPress photo prompt-for-the-week for some while, but today’s title of “wonder” caught my eye just after I had been skimming through the phone photo gallery.

I had caught a glimpse of some photos I had taken of the interior of Kedleston Hall, a National Trust property in Derbyshire. Amongst shots of the stunning grounds and glorious Palladian exterior, I had managed to snatch a few pictures of gilt bronze furniture.

There are few things in this world I am in wonder of as much as gilt bronze. I love the stuff. I am fascinated by the craft processes involved, the guild structure of master craftsmen who came together to create these superb pieces of decorative art, and of course the final magnificent results.

It’s very much more a continental extravagance than an English one. Whilst it is very common to happen upon gilt bronze almost everywhere in France, say, it is slightly more unusual to find this degree of exuberance in a National Trust property.

So imagine my joy in finding such wonder in Kedleston.



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