The Frolics of an IPhone

One of the most enjoyable features a camera phone is its infinite capacity to surprise and entertain in the absence of conscious human intervention.

Today I discovered two images in my photo library taken by the phone yesterday in typically secret fashion. I feel they are both worthy of wider exposure to the world.

The first is something which I believe is part of my hand or a finger across the lens. I just like the subtlety of the curvature and the mysterious nature of the form.


The second is a portrait of some unknown girl. Possibly a student at UCL, since I was on a whistlestop tour of the campus with my son who is studying there. I think I was clinging to the camera in readiness for grabbing a shot of the mummified glass-encased form of Jeremy Bentham (b.1748) gracing the entrance hall of the main building. The phone had other ideas. I really like this shot. I like the angle of the head and the background contrast of the architectural forms. And I like the fact that although it is such a close-up, the subject was oblivious to to the shot. As indeed was I.



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