Happy Thanksgiving


I tend to think I have a reasonable understanding of US culture. I’ve travelled the East Coast a few times and visited most of the large Eastern seaboard cities; I’ve been to Chicago, Dallas, and New Orleans; stretched over to Seattle, and observed Montana clearly from the air. I’ve watched hours of US films and tv, and I read tons of US detective fiction. And serious American literature.

But until my life expanded to take in cyberspace and the online world, I had no idea just what a big deal Thanksgiving is. I suppose it should have been obvious; I mean, I knew it was a big holiday, but because there is really no equivalent over this side of the Atlantic, I just didn’t get quite how big.

So what’s changed this year? My daily and continuing involvement with the world of Flylady has opened my eyes as never before to the Thanksgiving holiday. When Flylady announced the Cruising Through the Holidays programme a while back, I just assumed it was super-efficiency for Christmas. I didn’t look too closely though at the programme, because even in my new universe of Do It Now, I felt it was a mite early to be writing cards and suchlike.

Then it gradually dawned. ‘The Holidays’ wasn’t just about Noel. All this detailed planning, shopping, cleaning etc. was aiming at 24th November as much as 24th December. I felt exhausted at the mere thought. No wonder Flylady’s cruise is such a godsend.

For everyone across the pond juggling life, Christmas and Thanksgiving: Respect. And a very Happy Thanksgiving today.


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