Odd Choices with Silver Linings


Would I rather live for ever or read people’s minds? It’s hard to know quite how to respond to a question like that, but this major somewhat odd philosophical brain-teaser was the WordPress suggestion du jour this morning.

I may have had other nonsensical subjects ricocheting through my mind on a quiet Sunday morning, but it’s like trying to think of nothing at all once you’ve been presented with a challenge like that. Impossible to eradicate it from your brain cells.

My immediate response was, well, do I prefer eating cucumber to sniffing roses? Would I choose reading a copy of Heat magazine over sorting through old bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Or would I like to open and shut a cupboard door as fast as possible or count marbles?

There seemed no alternative but to attempt some sort of unconscious evaluation of the subject through photographic analysis.

I duly carried out a visual exploration with my iPhone, decided to mess around a bit with a few apps, and became completely distracted by the discovery that Photogene, the first and original great and user-friendly photo editing app, has launched a brand new app. Enough of tweaks. Sometimes it pays just to start again, and that’s what they’ve done. To great effect, and thank goodness the sliders have been reintroduced to mellow or strengthen adjustments.

Photogene 2 is a great app, and…

Now what was that other question?


Respond to Odd Choices with Silver Linings

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