Sunrise, Sunset


After my post last week on the guilty pleasures of cliché, I couldn’t miss an opportunity today to post an image of an extraordinary sunrise sky I observed this morning in the park.

I wasn’t alone. I noticed a few local Twitterers mentioned the colourful skies, so I think a fair number of camera phones were out recording the rosy hues.

Is it possible to see sunrise in an original way? All amateur photographers have experienced the crushing realisation that a photo of course rarely does it justice, and the sky was far more pinky-orange in this case than my photo would suggest, but still the shadow of visual cliché hovers overhead.

In the end, I cropped and cropped to a vertical format to exaggerate the reflection, and the church spire cliché within is nicely lost amidst the twigs, with the sun just peeking above the horizon, almost lost through its own brilliance.


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