Bracken and Gorse


Since it must have been at least a few weeks since I last mentioned discovering a new path, I should mention a novel route I traipsed along yesterday morning during the daily dog walk.

One of my regular routes involves dicing with death from golf-ball-to-head on two fairways on two different local golf courses. Naturally, I don’t tend to linger on either of these paths. The dog has different ideas; she finds the sight of golf balls quite irresistible, so that makes it doubly important I scoot across as fast as possible.

Except yesterday, when on safely reaching the far side without being killed (and I really wouldn’t see it as such a serious threat were it not for Owen Meany) I happened to pause long enough to notice a worn path running along the inner edge of the boundary wall.

Instead of entering the woods, I bravely decided to follow the golf course path. It was a sheer delight. Oddly, it was perhaps only five meters away from
the woodland path running parallel hidden behind the boundary wall, but it seemed on a different planet.

This was mostly due to the extensive gorse and bracken surrounding me on all sides. Gorse and bracken? Not a very West Yorkshire sort of vegetation combination (although maybe somebody somewhere will tell me I’m wrong on that and since I have barely adequate knowledge of local flora and fauna, I will not argue).

Gorse and bracken is however a very Cheshire/NW England sort of combination. It’s a mix of planting I will forever associate with childhood walks on the other side of the country. It’s suggestive of sea air and red sandstone, and it seemed very strange indeed to see it on the local
golf course.

And just five meters away, the world was the same as always.


2 responses to Bracken and Gorse

  1. I’m still enjoying your posts. I love John Irving and A Prayer for…… is one of my favorites. I wrote you a while back about blogging. I finally started my blog. It’s called Secondhand surfer.
    I hope you will check it out.
    When I figure out how to do more technical things I want to list your sight on my Blogroll. I don’t want to sound sappy or anything, but I do find it amazing how much you get accomplished in a day.
    You are inspiring and educational.
    Thank you, mamaCheri, the Secondhand surfer

    • gillianholding – Author

      Thank you so much for those comments; I’m delighted you are still finding my posts of interest! Good to hear that you have got your blog going; I will certainly drop by and take a look!

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