Play Date/Print Date

I have an ongoing list of things I want to do but somehow don’t manage to get around to doing nearly often enough.

One item on the list is printmaking. I adore printmaking, but somehow I forget it’s possible to go to printmaking facilities and produce prints with a bit of forethought and planning.

More specifically, I have been meaning to do some serious monoprints for some while. I picked up an ancient book about monoprinting a few years ago, with sumptuous tissue-leaved protected reproductions of works by Degas et al, and every time I see it on the book shelves, I remember I’m supposed to go and make some.

Another item on the list is setting aside regular mornings to mess and play with absolutely no objective in mind other than messing, playing around and repeated failure.

So I’m particularly thrilled I was able to tackle all three this week at an open-access monoprinting workshop at The Art House in Wakefield. It’s a good facility and now with a massive new car park close by, is easily accessible from Leeds. It would have been even more easily accessible on Wednesday morning had I not fought with local rush hour traffic in a vain attempt to get there by 9.00 am, rushing in breathlessly at 9.20 am, only to find it was scheduled to start at 10.00 am.

The session was run by local artist Laura Slater who does lovely hand-printed textile work, and is a great facilitator for this type of workshop.

I had a brilliant time for three hours just messing and playing and celebrating glorious failure which was not in the slightest bit real failure because it felt such an achievement to have spent the morning messing and playing at this time of year.

I hope I will be back doing it again sometime soon.


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