Is it a Man’s World?


I woke up this morning and found semi-clothed strange young men scattered around the house.

I then proceeded to go and have a pre-Christmas lunch with a couple of dozen of my ex-partners.

It would be funny to leave it at that, and leave you wondering what sort of life this artist really leads behind the public facade.

Disappointingly from a dramatic revelatory point of view, I have to admit that the young men I was tripping over were mates of my son who had decided to stay over after a night on the town. And my sensational-sounding lunch with a bunch of ex-partners was no more than a reunion of partners from the law firm I used to belong to. So I am really leading quite an unexciting life after all.

But despite my day’s encounters, I mostly move within a fairly female world these days, and it was slightly disconcerting to be reminded of an era when I was a solitary female in an otherwise male partnership. I tend to assume everything is quite different these days, and then every now and again there are little reminders that it is still a bit of a man’s world.

And so I was interested to listen to Radio 4 Women’s Hour which carried an item of interest today on this very issue.

Apparently the Sports Personality of the Year Award this year carries no female contenders. So Women’s Hour did their own little bit, and asked a few (female) guests to nominate and discuss outstanding female sports personalities.

I reflected that it’s pretty odd in this day and age how frequently women are still overlooked on many occasions. So much progress in so many ways but so little progress in so many others. Now is not the time to list the continuing obstacles, and analyse the issues, but there is a beacon of light for women everywhere in Women’s Hour itself.

I would like to give three cheers for the contribution this one part of the Beeb makes to the lives of one half of the population whilst the Beeb gets on with celebrating the sporting prowess of the other half.

Hip, hip, hurray for Women’s Hour.


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