People and Journeys

A day travelling is a day well spent in terms of people watching.

The joy of observing check-in and security procedures, aeroplane in-flight real-life entertainment, local car-hire chaos at destination and a frantic hotel foyer is all grist to the mill of the artist obsessed with contemporary society.

I sadly failed to have my sketch pad-notebook easily accessible and was therefore forced to try and commit it all to memory as the day progressed in a weird real-time version of My Mother Went To Market (or any other similar game of list recall).

Some highlights were: the refreshments trolley blocking a communal prayer session, followed by a communal prayer session blocking aisle access for the refreshments trolley; a communal prayer session blocking access to the toilet, followed by a massive queue for said toilet at precisely the point the seatbelt sign went on in preparation for landing, followed by anarchic civil disobedience of the fasten seatbelt signs, followed by threatening announcements from a very upset flight captain.

And thrown into this chaotic mix was a plane load of people who all seemed to know each other and thus happily occupied themselves chatting in neighbourly fashion over seat backs and arms in the manner of a garden fence encounter for the entire five hour flight. Including when the seatbelt signs were brightly illuminated.

Despite it all, I caught up with a few issues of Art Monthly, daydreamed about a brand new art idea and suddenly felt very much in Holiday Mood. My new found Holiday Mood sustained me through Husband’s temporary detention by passport control upon arrival, and the discovery that our hire car shuttle arrangements had deposited us in a town in the middle of nowhere and certainly farther from
the centre of town than the airport itself.

And finally, the hotel reception, and in the midst of spirited noise and emotional outbursts, a group of Korean flight attendants and flight crew, looking like glorious birds of paradise with immaculately arranged and tied hair bows and neckties.

And the family’s cup of happiness is replete as we are now reunited with Eldest Daughter for a whole fortnight. No nicer seasonal present.


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