Cultural Distractions





These images were all taken within 10 minutes of each other from points within a fifty metre stretch of promenade between Tel Aviv and Jaffa. I am intrigued by the different atmospheres each convey. It is true that the sun was setting rapidly, resulting in significant light changes, but it struck me that this little series performs well as a metaphor for the experience of being in Israel.

I’m here for a fortnight. It’s not my first visit, but I have no doubt that it will be the continuing revelation of contradictions, ambiguities, surprises, irritations, inspirations and absurdities that it always is. No other place in my experience provokes such a mix of emotions and responses. No other place can be simultaneously so exasperating and yet so exciting.

It is not an easy place to write about. Most of my blogging focuses on life and art, and politics rarely creeps in to much of my posting. Yet the reality of being in Israel makes it impossible to ignore politics. Politics suffuses and underlies everything: even in this bubble of Tel Aviv.

It will be interesting for me to see how my daily posts develop in the days to come.


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