An Urban Run


The sun shone brightly and enticingly this morning. A warm blue sky proved irresistible to five out of six family members, and in an odd burst of surprising coincidence, all bar one ventured out for a morning run.

It certainly wasn’t a coordinated effort. Himself and I met Prodigal Son returning as we were setting out, and we got back to the flat to find Eldest and Middle Daughters sprawled out recovering from some hilly endeavours in the immediate vicinity.

Our own ‘run’ quickly deteriorated into a sightseeing walk. With such balmy weather, we decided to explore the outer reaches of the settlement we are staying in this week, and so the images show four or five miles worth of trailing sinuous contour lines.

The hyperreal perfection of the brilliant white architecture, formal plantings and a Disney-esque sense of law and order contrasts uneasily with the ‘legal’ status of the whole settlement.

As we route-marched along the attractive boulevards, and started to get a sense of just how big the place is, we began to truly understand the challenge towns like this pose to a two-state solution to peace in the Middle East. It is undeniably a beautiful place, but as the sprawling developments encroach ever further into and along the Judean hills, it is an all-too obvious metaphor for an increasingly intractable political situation.






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