A Fresh Look At Life (HNY 2012)


I went to a hugely enjoyable NYE gathering last night. I was with all my immediate family for the first time in years, along with a couple of other families, celebrating the festivities in a fairly average hotel in a nondescript area of a place everyone has told me for years I would absolutely hate should I ever go there (Eilat, as it happens).

And it was great. And as I sit here in baking sunshine with blue skies, I don’t think I can really hate anywhere these days. First, it’s always more about people than place for me.

But more importantly, my recent years working as an artist have enthused me with delight and appreciation of literally anywhere. The photo above was taken a couple of minutes ago as I exited the hotel. I love the slightly tatty urban squalor surrounding me. I sit here already fascinated by this place the whole world who knows me says I would hate. Because its true, Eilat is not a cultural high ground groaning with literary cafes and art cinemas and intriguing little shops. But it is full of people, it is full if life, and it is all grist to the artmill. On the other hand, those who really understand my predilection for suburbia and the mass mundane and have read of my excursions this year into such delights as Aulnay-sous-Bois will entirely appreciate how I am facing the last few days of my holiday in Eilat with eager anticipation.

And so for 2012, I plan to continue my journey through Life and Art, seeking delight and joy and inspiration in the most unlikely of places and situations.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my indulgent ramblings throughout 2011, and taken the time to read, comment and ‘like’. I hugely appreciate having a readership, and I wish you all a wonderful, inspirational and very happy 2011.


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