Back in Blighty


Back in Blighty
feeling mighty
ill and under par

Can’t be witty
more’s the pity
Throat too sore by far

House is empty
Driven plenty
but shopping calls for more

Rest’s a pipe dream
Shame I can’t scream
Throat is far too sore.


8 responses to Back in Blighty

    • gillianholding – Author

      Vast and excessive use of Vitamin D, aconite and echinacea seem to be having an effect at long last after six ^%#^*%+ days of it!

      • Don’t forget the power of the duvet and a hot water bottle. Glad the tide is turning, and full of admiration that you’ve posted through the pain!

      • gillianholding – Author

        True true. Duvet would be good but it’s amazing how reinvigorated I am just from the pain lessening. Thank god. Good old home medicine cupboard. Haha. Just thought! Should have phoned the great, the brilliant, the incomparable Dr Milinsky on his helpline!!

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