Black Dogs and White Dogs



Thank goodness for small black dogs. Yes, it’s good if there’s a bit of cute factor thrown in, but when it comes to pet ownership, there’s nothing to beat a low-maintenance short-haired small black dog who hates water and won’t even step on the edge of a puddle.

I am reminded of this daily in the depths of a grim English wet and dismal winter, because after years of big dog filthy wet muddy mess, I now have nothing to do after a dog walk in terms of dog.

Last month towards the end of Zazie’s daily outing, we came across some lovely giant poodles gambolling up and down the muddy trail. Really lovely dogs. Three of them. White, it seemed, underneath the orange-grey mud decorating their extremities and coats.

I looked on with awe at the owner. I was imagining the work required to get them clean and dry enough just to get them back in the car. And then trying to contain them safely once back in the house. Or maybe, with dogs like that, they never come out of a utility room or garage.

Our mutt has the run of the whole house and every sofa and bed of her choosing if we’re not on the alert. But I have never had mud or water problems anywhere in the house since the day we got her. Or dog hair problems, for that matter. I can’t remember her ever getting wet; even rain doesn’t seem to stick.

This is all a Very Good Thing, and I’m in no doubt the hours saved on dog maintenance have allowed me to flourish as a daily blogger.


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