Carpe Diem


At 7.47am, I left the house to encounter the cold darkness of an early January morning. I was driven with the dog by Himself to a location about a couple of miles from home so I could do my favourite trick of a non-circular dog walk.

I like A to B walks in preference to circular walks some days. Circular walks have a satisfying completeness to them, but A to B walks have an underlying sense of purposeiveness whilst allowing for diversion and distraction that is equally gratifying.

The darkness was lifting slightly as I began the walk home. By 8.15am, I was approaching the park surrounded by a halo of pink and purple sky broken only by silhouetted inky tree forms.

The sky continued to transform and brighten as dawn took hold. Patches of clear blue appeared between rosy pink clouds and a watery sun made its appearance.

In the midst of so much glory, I opted for a long meandering route home.

By 8.53am as I reached my road, the show was over. Grey clouds matted the sky and I thought I felt a drop of rain.

Carpe diem.


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