Purple Haze Visibility


In an uncharacteristic burst of organised efficiency this morning I checked my dairy for the day to find I had some sort of cafe culture networking event. In a characteristic burst of inefficiency I had failed to note what it was about and where exactly in Leeds it was to take place.

Undeterred, I felt the event would be an excellent opportunity to try out the visibility quotient of a recently acquired vibrantly luminous violet coat-dress.

I suffer from invisibility syndrome. People always seem surprised when I reveal this, but it’s true. I would have made an excellent secret agent. But since I’m not a secret agent, my invisibility is more of a nuisance than an advantage in daily life. Re-introducing myself to casually met acquaintances demands diplomatic skills worthy of a secret agent, but it’s a bit wearisome when it happens more than a couple of times.

I have though seen and admired all my life the benefits of once-seen-never-forgotten. Daughter of a OSNF, married to a OSNF and mother to a couple of OSNFs (all for various reasons), it seems to make life a touch easier.

Anyway. Enter the violet coat. Perfect for a roomful of strangers.

Except my characteristic inefficiency led me to exit the house without my purse, and I only discovered this once I was locked into a multi storey carpark, and about to pay for a coffee. Scratching around the grim depths of my bag, I found a fiver. Googling the carpark, I saw I had a maximum of two hours parking.

This might have been enough save for the consequences of the original burst of characteristic inefficiency which meant I was unable to locate the whereabouts of the event. After (very visibly) wandering up and down Woodhouse Lane without spotting any likely possibilities, I was forced to concede defeat.

I returned to the car park (a beacon of colour to brighten the grey day) and drove home to look for my purse and admire my coat toute seule.

There’s always tomorrow. .


2 responses to Purple Haze Visibility

  1. It’s a beautiful colour; they’ll all notice you! Of course you know I know what it’s like to be away from home without your purse and in a multi-storey car park too. Better luck with the new vividness tomorrow. x

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