Sunrise, Sunset




This time last year I remember muttering in a post about the appeal of seasonal migration to the Southern Hemisphere.

Thinking it over, maybe not. For all the painful aspects of January in the northern latitudes of the northern hemisphere on the wrong side of the country away from the gulf stream, and the fact that despite the lengthening days, odd slippage in when daylight happens means the mornings are darker now than they were three weeks ago, I’m rather enjoying this January outside.

Sunrise is now happening after I’m out and about with the dog. Sunset is happening at an equally convenient time of day. And having a phone camera on tap means being able to capture the glory of sunrise and sunset in the fleeting moments the light changes through a spectrum of violet, mauve, lilac, pink, red and orange.

I must say, the Camera+ app I’ve mentioned before plays a big role here. Thanks to a great exposure and white balance active feature, shots can be magically controlled to a hitherto unimaginable degree on a mobile device. Then the filters can be flicked through to correct colour balance on the spot before the fleeting real-life drama has moved on.

There really is no moment when art cannot be made these days.


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