More Slow


It’s only been a few days since I began trying to embrace <a href="http://Slow“, but I see signs of improvement already. Just being more mindful of what I’m doing is making a big difference, but it helps too, I think, to be in January with spring on the horizon and beautiful frosty morning walks and runs.

The big challenge, as I noted yesterday, is to establish when and how much online time I have.

The “givens” for the morning of each day (and I have found this last year that if I get my mornings right the rest of the day flows nicely with no sense of wasted time and energy) are morning pages, dog walk, breakfast and household bits n’ bobs (such as dishwasher, washing, family meal and anti-procrastination calls, emails, etc.) Much of this routine has been encouraged by the whole Flylady lark.

After that, depending on work commitments, it’s either straight to the studio or go and read work related stuff in a nice cafe.

In the past, from this point on, I would be extremely susceptible to the beckoning mobile device. No opportunity would be missed to check mail, messages and tweets. Dealing legitimately with texts and phone calls would make it impossible to put the phone down without further updates. Any necessary Internet searches for art materials or information would segue into a quick scan and check up.

Even at the earlier stages of the day, I would not be immune. I might sensibly check my calendar and to do list and emails over breakfast, but I’d be unlikely then not to get distracted by links and other enticements.

Anyway. The rules I have made so far include a quick check of calendar and emails (only really to read Flylady for inspiration and encouragement) after morning pages or over breakfast. Then I do not look at the devices until morning coffee, strictly limited to 15 minutes. My main serious read comes after lunch when I need a break from work. That’s limited too, and I have even set a timer. This is, you understand, serious stuff. Then nothing again until dead time in the evening whilst making tea.

I am “allowed” to do quick checks in other dead time points of the day such as a car wash, waiting to pick up a child, or in a queue.

And if I need Internet or email access for work, I do it but only on strict condition I come straight back out of the device avoiding links and the call of the cyberspace siren.

I feel better already. I’ve certainly been more focussed on work. It’s helped that I’ve had an entertaining and delightful series of evenings out to concerts, films, a seminar and so on. So I’m feeling culturally fulfilled and feeling I’m making the most of what life is all about.

And I’m avoiding novels for the time being because my current inability to sit and concentrate on a novel I think will not be improved at this stage of fragile resistance.

Give it a few more days. We shall see.


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