Prospects for Peace?


I attended a fascinating talk last night about prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

It was elivered by Shaul Arieli , an impressive speaker popularly recognised as having an encyclopaedic knowledge through personal experience of the history of the conflict and the political processes, and his hugely informative website backs this up. His talk however was both heartening and dispiriting in equal measure.

Heartening to hear that there is potentially a real prospect of agreement on such fundamental issues as security, territory, refugee return, etc. But profoundly depressing in other ways to hear that the current Israeli administration is simply disinterested in a permanent solution.

Still, it’s important for me to hear positive aspects about the peace process. Not enough media attention is ever given to the plethora of grassroots initiatives promoting dialogue, cooperation, mutual understanding and common purpose.

And a quick Google search reveals the existence of a huge number of such organizations and groups both in the Middle East and across the globe.

A majority of the populations on both sides want peace.

How sad that it doesn’t it happen.


2 responses to Prospects for Peace?

  1. I remember the same about Northern Ireland, when everything seemed beyond help. It was the grass roots making links. This is what changes things, when real people in communities say no, I want no part of this. It must at some point reach a level when things will change. I always live in hope.


    • gillianholding – Author

      You are so right, Jim. It’s funny how Northern Ireland has actually become a beacon of hope for people in Israel and Palestine. When I was over there in 2009, a number of people said to me they lived in hope because of German/European reconciliation, and Northern Ireland. the impossible does happen.

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