A Day of Rest


I think I’m lucky in life for many reasons, but particularly because my ‘work’ is usually about play and enjoying myself. Except when it isn’t, of course.

But there is a downside to work not really being work, and with having the worldview of an artist, because art literally takes over your life 24/24. There is never really a break from thinking about ideas and making work. If you take inspiration from life as artists often do, every second of every waking hour is material and fodder.

This time last week (as I was sitting contemplating going Slow“) I considered for the first time in a year not going online at all for 24 hours. Not to pick up email, communicate, and more particularly, not to post. I realized I hadn’t even stopped posting during holidays last year. Part of that was the whole Postaday2011 challenge, and my obstinate refusal to fail to complete the challenge. Actually, there were a couple of days when I didn’t post, but I had no planned breaks.

And so last Saturday, I gave myself a break from cyberspace, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t the absence of online activity I enjoyed, but more what I did instead. I ended up having a delightful, calm and reflective day. It seemed to make sense to choose a day to retire from the life of the Internet on a day which for me is supposed to be different, separate and meaningful.

So I’m doing it again. Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


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