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Readers of my other daily blog currently documenting my explorations of risk, failure and creativity in artistic daily practice will be all too aware that I am motivated to actively seek failure as a means of progressing.

So I am particularly thrilled today to read a great new quote on the subject, in a book entitled Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Gallerists But Were Afraid to ask. The book is a collection of interviews with gallerists, and it was a remark by Olivier Antoine of Art:Concept in Paris which led me there. which came from a print by Eric Dietman.

Failure is the only way not to err.

In some ways I don’t need reminding of this, but in many other ways I do. It’s just so easy to forget failure mode and seek perfection instead. Some little insistent voice saying ooh, just try that, do that, change that… to make it a bit better. To make it work.

No, no, no. Not everything has to work.


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