Conflation of Blogs


Have I nothing better to do than write posts for blogs? Some days I wonder. Actually, the time spent is pretty minimal these days. After a year of regular posting, I just go with the flow of the day and see where it leads.

Sometimes though the flow leads to confusion and conflation. I am approaching a deadline which has taken over my life for this week. I dream lists and 3D objects and imagine movement and try and describe it all in diagrams. I have visited Homebase twice already today, and a plastics manufacturer.

I am full of charts and guesstimates about how long superficially simple things will take to do. Like drilling a 4″ hole exactly on the vertical. Like cutting a sheet of translucent film to size. Like priming and waiting for paint to dry.

Fun, fun, fun. I could copy and paste this into the #dailyfail blog. It’s all part of the same.

It’s all Life and Art.


One response to Conflation of Blogs

  1. I hate planning the stuff I do (renovating houses and flats) I don’t feel completely comfortable until I have started and know exactly what is underneath everything I am working on. But you do need to have a plan, so I do the best I can and try not to change too much.

    Keep the faith, 🙂


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