What is my personality, then?


I decided to do one of those personality tests this week which purport to unlock the mysteries of life and how to communicate with other people.

I thought it might be useful to receive a list summarizing how I best respond to life so I could stick it on the fridge and then the family would know exactly how to get the best from me at all times.

Genius, no?

They would know that when I’m stressed with deadlines, it’s no use asking me anything at all. When I’m drawing, it’s best not to try talking to me. And when I’m reading and daydreaming, everyone would realise conversation of any sort is pointless.

The only obstacle to resolving all communication issues in the household was the test itself.

Quite impossible. Every question required me to assess the most personality trait I most and least strongly identified with, and then the weight the remaining couple of options.

The problem was I identify strongly with 95 per cent of personality traits at least a couple of times a week. I’m caring, empathetic, impatient and impatient. Driven and determined and couldn’t care less. Energetic and sociable and introverted and solitary. Warm and reserved, optimistic and pessimistic.

I await the conclusions with great interest.

I suspect the communication issues will not be so easily resolved.


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